The St Davids Square Residents’ Association (SDSRA) is a resident driven organisation working for the residents of Lockes Wharf, St Davids Square, E14.

The association promotes St Davids Square as an attractive and desirable place to live, fostering dialogue and an exchange of ideas and striving to achieve a high standard of upkeep.

As a full member, you can vote on SDSRA issues and be entitled to our great membership benefits including local restaurant offers and discounts.

You will also have full access to this websites functionalities and be able to post on the forum, read all posted documents and much more.

We will check if you are a paying member so you will not be charged twice.

As a discounted member you are entitled to our great membership benefits including local restaurant offers and discounts.

How to join:

We charge £20 per annum subscription.

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St Davids Square,
Consort House,
Concierge office
E14 3WA