Here you can find useful information about services and living at St Davids Square

The current Development Manager, Robert Williams, and his friendly concierge staff which is there to provide assistance and advice to residents are situated in the Leisure Complex, which is staffed for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The concierge staff are always prepared to assist assist with issues such as deliveries and key releases, as well as maintaining round the clock security to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents.


Bicycles may not be kept in the common areas as they can cause an obstruction in the event of an emergency and prevent a safe means of escape.
Furthermore, the action of carrying them into the building often causes damage to both wall and floor finishes which accelerates the deterioration of the common areas, so if you store your bike inside your flat, please be careful when bringing it it.

There are three secure bicycle cages in the underground car park, with keys for the padlocks available from the Concierge. There are also bicycle racks in the underground carpark to put your bike in.

Car Parking

Residents are only permitted to use the space allocated to their property at the time of purchase. The associated bay will be shown in your transfer documents and should have been confirmed by your solicitor as part of their conveyance service. 

You will need to present this at the concierge desk when applying for your parking permit. Illegally parked cars will be clamped in the underground car park and on the main estate grounds. A parking permit must be obtained from the Concierge desk for your car. 

The visitor parking spaces (V) are strictly for visitors. Your visitor will need to obtain a temporary visitor parking permit from the concierge desk. 

Should you want to advertise a car parking space that you wish to rent out, or you are a resident wanting to rent out an additional car parking space, you put up a request for all residents’ to view on the website under classifieds.

Keys and Parcels

Residents who wish to leave keys with the concierge staff may do so only if they complete and sign Peverel OM Ltd’s standard disclaimer form. The same procedure relates to the retention of parcels. Forms relating to both services are available from the concierge desk.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Items for dry cleaning can be dropped off at the Leasure Complex, where they will be picked up by a recommended local dry cleaning company and returned, normally within 48 hours. Payment is made to the drycleaning company by setting up an account with them.
Speak to the concierge for more information.

Leisure Complex 

The Leisure Complex is open from 06.00 until 23.00 and is for RESIDENTS ONLY and is a NO SMOKING area.

This includes the swimming pool, snooker and pool tables and the gym.

Snooker and Pool Tables

Cues are in the snooker room and balls are kept at the concierge desk. To use them, a minimum deposit must be left, which will be refunded on return in good condition.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is closed between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Wednesday’s to allow for deep cleaning cleaning (subject to change in these times without notice).
The sauna works on a timer. If the lights are not on when you go in, please ask the concierge to switch it on for you. It will take 10 minutes to warm up.
The jacuzzi operating switches are situated to the left of the tub and need to be switched on, and off, if you are the last person out.

1. The pool will be unsupervised by lifeguards as it is regarded as a private pool. 

2. Residents swim at their own risk. 
3. Residents are only permitted to bring 2 guests in at any one time. 

4. An adult must accompany children aged 15 or under at all times. This means the child must get out of the pool if the adult has to leave the pool area for whatever reason. Half of those who drown are under 15 years old. 
5. Absolutely NO DIVING or JUMPING from the poolside is allowed. Diving into insufficient depths of water can lead to concussion or injury to the head or spine. 
6. No drinking glasses or glass bottles of drink, soft or alcoholic are allowed in the swimming pool or changing areas.
7. No unruly behaviour or lack of consideration for other users. 

8. When babies do start to swim, it should not be in nappies, but in special baby swimming waterproof trunks. 
9. No ball games 


Residents are requested to take all reasonable precautions to avoid noise nuisance.

The Lease requires that noise be kept to a minimum between the hours of 23.00 and 09.00. This especially relates to the use of televisions and audio equipment. When entertaining, please ensure that your guests enter and leave the building with the minimum disturbance.

Should you find the need to report any noise abuse by other residents’ then you can call Tower Hamlets on 020 7364 7000.

At their discretion, the concierge on duty may visit the offending residents flat and request that they keep the noise down. 

Refuse Disposal

Residents are responsible for the removal of their rubbish to the rubbish chutes and bin stores. Refuse should be properly contained in plastic bags and placed down the appropriate chute.

For larger items or old furniture, you should phone Tower Hamlets Council on 020 7364 6693 for arrange a pick up. You have to pay £15 per 5 items to the Council. You may then place them in the bin stores and mark the day for collection on them.

Please speak to the concierge for more information regarding removal of large items.

Neither Peverel OM Ltd nor the concierge staff are responsible for the removal of rubbish resulting from internal alterations by lessees or their contractors.

Satellite Dishes

Part 1 Clause (22) of the Eighth Schedule of the 'Lease clearly prohibits residents from installing any aerial dish or other similar reception device from the demised premises.
Please be aware that any satellite dish, which is erected in breach of this covenant, will be removed and the individual Lessee charged for the associated costs. 

For service on your TV aerial, there is a Service Request form available at the concierge desk. You must fill in the Countryside Communications TV Maintenance form providing the relevant details requested. 


Residents are not permitted to hang washing in windows or on balcony / teracce.

Water Supply

There is a stopcock in the ceiling above the front door. This is a screw that requires a quarter turn to switch the water off.
There are no water meters for individual flats as the charges are, made in the service charges.


Rules of St Davids Square as defined in your lease