Published: 05 January 2021

Happy New Year!

We Hope you are all well and coping with the latest lockdown situation. 

Attached is the invitation to the SDSRA AGM on 26 January 2021 at 19.30 via Zoom.

Registration to the Zoom AGM will be on invitation only so you will have to register in advance to be sent the link. Not registered you can not join.

Questions to the Zoom AGM will have to be sent to us in advance via email to

Registration and Questions to be sent via email by the 19th January 2021 at the latest.  You will be sent the Zoom link a few days before the meeting.

Thank You.

Hope to see you in the meeting.

The SDSRA Committee.

Brittis, Sally, Mark, Jonathan, Lucy, Simon, Grace, Anupam, David, Charles


Published: 04 November 2020

Dear member,
As promised attached a macro summary of what the Committee has been working on over this past year, and what we are still involved in.
A short report of the accounts and the SDSRA 2020 update published 21 September 2020.


Published: 27 October 2020

Dear member,
We have no option other than to postpone the AGM, yet again. 
We are really sorry to do this. 
Since our last message in September we have been working on the cladding issue here at SDS and have spent a lot of time on researching, sending email,  responding to questions, making phone calls and trying to work out the next steps. 
We have received other questions not related to cladding: use of the residents lounge, pilates classes, return of the table tennis table, electric car charge etc.. 
We have a meeting with FP shortly so we should have updates for you soon. 
Next week we will be sending you a chairman’s report covering the last 15 months, the accounts, as well as an update on what’s going on here in SDS. 
Our plan is to send you regular updates every month but if anything urgent comes up you will be informed more often. 
If you have questions please send them to us, we will investigate what can/can’t be done and respond in our monthly report. 
The committee has taken the decision to increase the membership fee from £10 to £20 as of the 1 November. 
The reason is that we are having to pay for legal advice on the cladding. 
We are hoping to get more members and that would help to pay for these extra costs. 
Have a good week everyone. 
SDSRA committee


Published: 27 October 2020


We are writing to update you regarding the situation with the Freeholder's application to the Building Safety Fund to remediate the cladding.

Your Residents’ Association has been working hard speaking to local politicians, solicitors, the Building Safety Fund, Leasehold Knowledge, the Greater London Authority, the fire brigade, the government's LEASE service, etc., and there are several concerns we are flagging for your attention.

We have put below the most recent Residents’ Association Cladding Update. See documents below.
Please take the time to review the potential risks to leaseholders – they are significant.

If you haven't already, please also join the Residents’ Association – the more members the SDSRA has, the more clout we will have in front of a Tribunal, and when dealing with the Freeholder (FM PLC) and FirstPort. You can apply for membership at:

Cladding notice

Cadding information

Objection document


Published: 21 September 2020

SDSRA 2020 Update

Dear neighbours,

We hope this update finds you all well as we are all adapting to our changing circumstances. With the postponement of the 2020 AGM, we the residents’ association committee would like to update you on our activities to-date and our focus for the year ahead.

The issue of cladding has been on many residents’ minds for some time. Due in no small part to the tireless efforts of SDSRA committee members in chasing up First Port and the freeholder as well as obtaining professional advice from lawyers, Tower Hamlets planning department and local councillors, the EWS1 forms certifying the SDS cladding as of very minor fire riskand required by many lenders in order to secure a (re-)mortgage, have now been received for all blocks. Residents desiring a copy of these forms should contact the development manager. Whilst no remedial works are necessary, the freeholder has also confirmed that St David’s Square is registered for the government’s Building Safety Fund.

The upcoming renegotiation of the various contracts with Countryside Communications is another important area of focus. The current contracts (imposed upon us by the builder 20 years ago) represent a disproportionate fraction of the annual service charge. Most significant of all are those for the TV distribution system and, particularly, the door entry system which together account for approximately 10% of our service charge. We are therefore working with the development manager to determine the best way to reduce this substantial cost and/or upgrade the existing system.

small number of residents have expressed an interest in upgrading to Sky Q. Unfortunately, this upgrade cannot be performed by Sky themselves as the system and cabling that distributes the satellite signal to apartments is owned and maintained by Countryside Communications. However, according to the development manager, residents can contact Countryside Communications directly (01245 471717to order a connection upgrade. There are no current plans to upgrade connections to all apartments due to the prohibitive cost and relatively limited interest, but the situation will be reassessed if conditions change.

We are also actively working with the development management on the possibility of installing electric car-charging points. Whilst there are various difficulties at present with installing these in the car park, there is the potential for a number of shared charging points to be installed, providedvarious issues (e.g. ensuring they can only be used by residents) can be overcome. It is this approach which is being looked at right now and we are keen to progress this, especially in light of the government’s desire to phase-out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035.

The issue of antisocial behaviour by unsupervised children in the gardens and common areas has also been raised a number of times by various residents in recent weeks. Whilst we realise the need for understanding on all sides in the current environment, we would like to call attention to the clearsignage in the gardens, and the emails from the development manager to remind parents that children must be appropriately supervised at all times when playing in the gardens for their own safety as well as consideration for other residentsThe cost of repairing any damage caused is passed on to residents, so it is unacceptable for a small minority to cause entirely avoidable damage at everyone’s expense.

With regards antisocial behaviour more broadly, Marksmen Security are now providing 24-hour security to the development on a permanent basis following a successful initial trial. We encourage all residents to be vigilant and contact the concierge if you observe antisocial behaviour in any form and at any time of day or night. They will then be able to record incidents and call security to attend if required.

The look-and-feel of the garden areas are of interest to everyone, and the committee continues to work towards their improvementA dedicated group of SDSRA gardening assistants nurture and maintain the attractive planted gabions between Consort and Falcon houses, and we are investigating if improvements can be made to the water feature between Dominion and Enterprise, both to address the unsightly algae problem during the summer months and reduce maintenance costs. We also liaise where possible to get specific jobs done by the gardeners and will remind them of reseeding the grass between Falcon and Goldsborough now that children are back at school – the area will therefore be out of bounds while the grass becomes established.

Finally, whilst the unprecedented situation we currently find ourselves in has necessarily slowed progress in some areas, the committee are still in constant communication and have regular discussions with the development management in order to address important issues as they arise. We look forward to being able to welcome you to a re-scheduled AGM as soon as conditions permit, but in the meantime please do support your fellow residents, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas, or just want a chat.

The SDSRA Committee.

Brittis, Sally, Mark, Jonathan, Lucy, Simon, Grace, Anupam, David, Charles

Published: 21 September 2020

In anticipation of the AGM on November 4, please see the below draft Agenda.

We've gone through the points raised on Facebook, emails and in-person to compile the list of points for discussion. If there are any more suggestions for discussion points, it would be great if you could put them in this post so it's easier for me to keep track of.


Proposed date 4 November 2020 at 19.30 **

AGM Agenda

1. Welcome

2. Who the Residents Committee is

3. Adopting the minutes from the 2018/2019 AGM

4. Adopting the accounts for the year to April 30 2019 and 30 April 2020

5. Election of Committee

6. Welcome to New Committee Members

7. What the Residents Committee has achieved in 2019/2020

8. Points for Discussion:

· Electrical charging points

· The Fountain

· Cladding

· Renegotiation of Countryside Contracts

· Attracting new members

· The Gardens

· Anti-Social Behaviour


· SkyQ

· Service Charges

· First Port

· Promoting the Facebook Page

9. Question and Answers

10. Summary and Close of AGM


** Please note that in the event that November 4 is not viable due to COVID restrictions, we will look to have an option that is as inclusive as possible.


Published: 11 September 2020

Dear Residents

I am pleased to announce that after unceasing and fantastic efforts by all the Firstport Management and Compliance Teams we have secured EWS1 certificates for all the apartment blocks at Lockes Wharf.

Further information will be posted on our YPO website when it becomes available. So please log on or sign up if you have not already done so at 

If you wish a copy of the EWS1 Certificate relation to your block please email me and I will provide you with a copy. This can be provided to your lenders for the purposes of buying and selling here at Lockes Wharf.
I’m sure that this will be great news to all leaseholders.

Kind Regards

Robert Williams
Lockes Wharf Development Manager


Published: 24 June 2020

2019/2020 AGM is postponed due to the COVID-19 until further notice. The committee has decided to postpone the AGM intil we can safely meet up in person again. This might not be until later in the year or even next year.

Minutes from the 2018/2019 AGM.


Published: 24 June 2020

See information regarding 'Cladding'.

 Published: 29 April 2020

Dear neighbour

First Port 

  • Our First Port team are working hard on site to keep the development clean, tidy and safe.  
  • Key jobs undertaken include:
    • deep cleaning the gym
    • pool maintenance and painting
    • cleaning water feature
    • painting the bin stores
    • managing the bins - these are still outside as directed by First Port head office but we are asking for them to be put back into the bin stores and to have the chutes re-opened as soon as possible. 

Rubbish and recycling

  • Please help by making sure rubbish bags are tied and securely placed in the bins.
  • Recycling can be placed loose in the appropriate bin or in a clear bag. 
  • All boxes should be collapsed and flattened to allow everyone else to use the recycle bins - flatten them before you go downstairs, it’s easier!  


  • Everything is growing and the gardens are looking lovely in most places but in need of attention in others.
  • The gardeners are currently here once a week to do essential maintenance.  
  • Some residents are supplementing the gardeners work, on a voluntary basis, weeding, tidying and planting. Rachael, customarily in the pink beanie and scarf, is often seen early evening weeding a section of garden.  The planters between Consort and Falcon have been cleared, replanted and funded by Brittis and Sally.   
  • A few new plants have been dotted around to brighten the place for all to enjoy.  If you’d like to get involved, why not have a look at the gardens near your building and see whether some weeding needs to be done? Gardening is a therapeutic activity!
  • When smoking please bring the butts back home with you - it’s not very nice to leave them lying around, think about children playing.  Take them in from your balcony so that they don’t drop onto somebody else’s.
  • Take the opportunity to spring clean your balcony/terrace. Get rid of old dead plants and empty pots.  We all see each others balconies, let’s get them looking nice! 

Inside our buildings

  • We are all at home much more than usual, with many people working from home.  
  • Please think of your neighbours who may hear you through the walls, above your head and below your feet, through the windows and on the balcony, and when coming in and out. Close your flat door quietly, don’t slam it. 
  • In particular, small children’s feet and squeals travel.  Keep running activities outside, there’s less chance of accidents, and less annoyance to people below you. 
  • If you spill something in the communal areas, please clean it up, or if it’s too difficult, let the concierge know. 
  • If you smoke on your balcony please think about your neighbours - not everyone enjoys smoke.


  • If you are a dog owner please note that they must be kept on leads on the development (and further afield).  
  • Please don’t let your dog use the grassed areas on the development as a toilet. The gardens are for everyone and it’s not pleasant to get dog poo on your clothes or shoes. If an accident happens please pick it up. 


Please take care driving around the development.  More people are walking and children are out more when not in school.

Published: 24 March 2020

Dear neighbour,

As some of you might have seen already the Concierge office has been closed as of Tuesday 24 March afternoon. There will be no staff around to clean inside nor outside. Not to take deliveries or handing out keys or parking permits. 

All bin rooms are locked up and all bins are outside. Bin-shutes are closed and should NOT be used, please. There’s no bin under the shute to collect anything  put down there so it will end up on the floor, smelling and attracting rats and other vermin.

PLEASE don’t dump your rubbish on the ground outside, put it in the bins. Especially when there is food waste you are throwing away. Please don’t put whole boxes in the bins. AND if you see rubbish on the floor, please help out and put it away. We know the foxes will be moving in and having a feast so think before just dumping your rubbish anywhere.

We all have to do our best and help out.

Could we (SDSRA) ask that you all check your block (all floors would be helpful) and make sure the tape blocking the entrance to the shute is still there, stopping anyone using it. And if removed or tampered with, put it back. 

Thank You.

Please don’t dump paper or other rubbish in the corridors, lifts or communal areas as NOBODY will be around to clean, really, no one is here to vacuum or pick up after us.

Bin men are not on strike at the moment so they will be collecting our waste.

When going for a walk, please include a walk around the estate and check that bin rooms are still locked, rubbish is not sitting the ground but in the bins. Doors are shut to our blocks/garages.

This is the time when however many cctv cameras we have, they are not monitored by the concierge. So please don’t let anyone you don’t know into your building. No tailgating into/out of the garage.

We all live here, for many of us this is our biggest investment, lets keep it safe and clean. Lets step up and have our own ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ looking out for each other in this very difficult and unprecedented time. 

We (SDSRA) are very thankful for all Your help and lets hope we can go back to normality soon.

Stay safe sane and in touch. We are all here to help as much as we can.

Kind regards

SDSRA committee

Published: 23 March 2020

Update on bin collection disruption after strike action called off:

Further strike action, which had been planned to run between Thursday and Saturday this week, has been called off after UNITE members came to an agreement with Veolia.

We have the majority of our crews out working this morning – 25 teams started on today’s collections with one team absent due to illness. They will continue to work through scheduled collections running between Monday and Friday. Additional resources will support clearance of problems areas where required.

There will be normal collections days for residents this week, with the service anticipating to catch up by Friday.

We have suspended the separate collection of recycling, food waste and garden waste for the week with teams clearing all of this together. Bulky waste collections will remain suspended.

A full street cleansing service is also in operation, giving priority to town centres and high streets.

Published: 21 March 2020

The Island Gardens Covid-19 Community Support Group is comprised of members of the local community who have created a support network for those in isolation due to Covid-19. Contacting the group will put you in touch with a group of volunteers throughout Island Gardens who can support with tasks such as groceries, exercising pets, other errands or even just a friendly phone call. 


Please contact the central line on 020 3488 4594 or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with support. In addition, flyers like the one below will be sent through letterboxes over the weekend. 


IG - Covid19 - Community Support Group (1).jpg


Published: 20 March 2020

Swimming pool and gym is closed from now until further notice.

UK pubs and restaurants told to shut in virus fight

Published: 20 March 2020

There will be a new industrial action from Tower Hamlets waste contractor and its staff next week starting on Wednesday 25 March until Friday 27 March at least. 

Last collection here at St Davids Square should take place on Tuesday 24 March.
Make sure you have put all recycling and rubbish out on Monday evening before 22.00 (bin stores are locked until morning) to be sure it’s collected. 

Please DONT put boxes and cardboard down the bin-shute. It gets blocked. Today Friday 3 shutes where blocked.¤¨

Check Tower Hamlets website for updates.

 Published: 17 March 2020

Bin collections severely disrupted 9-16 March 2020 

SDSRA Social Event - Kinkao Thai restaurant

Tuesday 29 October at 19.30 - 21.00

Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Wednesday 12 June 2019, 19.30-21.00, residents lounge